Team Development

U11, U13, U15, U18 teams are provided with a team development budget of $1,500 (including GST)
This may be used for training that benefits the team such as:
  • hiring an outside hockey development coach
  • hiring a company for dryland training
  • power skating
  • skate-mill training
  • shooting clinics
  • nutritionist
  • mental health provider
** Must be 3rd party providers of the service with appropriate certifications

** Spouses, partners, family members are not considered 3rd party providers.

Non-eligible expenses include: 
  • purchase of extra ice
  • purchase of on-ice coaching equipment
  • on-ice help from Female AAA, Jr A, Jr B players (note: Per the new BC Hockey rule, the Coquitlam Express is not allowed on our ice)
If you are uncertain if anything is covered, please ask.

Preferred Providers

Our Preferred Providers not only train some of our athletes but also help sponsor our Association.

  • Skatemill, skills training on synthetic ice, team on-ice training

  • We can offer any Predator's team 20% off our team training for the 23/24 season. We can focus on speed, agility, quickness, teaching proper form and body mechanics, effective warm ups, cooldowns, pre/post game fueling, etc. For the older teams we can look to add strength and conditioning as well.  
    We would also like to offer any Predators parent 20% off our personal training packages during the 23/24 season as well.
    It's as easy as contacting us at or 604-945-0629 to get more info and we can discuss options. 
  • All TWIST Coaches have post-secondary degrees, elite athletic backgrounds, and complete ongoing performance-related certifications to ensure that each player is equipped with the necessary tools to learn, grow, develop and become a better athlete. With a training philosophy built on training movement, not muscle our coaches will help your athletes improve their balance, joint stability, core control and strength while simultaneously developing their speed, strength, quickness and athleticism through continuous focus on skill execution and movement efficiency.

  • Karen Whiton

    Karen and her team has been providing skating and hockey programs through the Port Moody Rec Centre. Her team has worked with our athletes in our Spring, Summer and Rust Removal programs.