Every year the TCFIHA needs to assign players to teams in all divisions.

Team assignment is based on skill level. This is done through the process of evaluations. At the "A" (Rep) level this is called Tryouts and at the "C" (House) level we call it Evaluations.

TCFIHA has teams in the following levels:

  • A Level - Tier 1 - U13A1, U15A1, U18A1
  • A Level - Tier 2 - U13A2, U15A2
  • U11C1 - in female hockey there is not "A" level at U11. Our U11C1 is considered "Pre-Rep"
  • C Level - U11C, U13C, U15C, U18C - C1 & C2 teams are tiered with the remaining teams balanced. With U11C, our U11C1, U11C2 and U11C3 teams are tiered and the remaining U11C teams are balanced.
  • U9 - teams are balanced
  • U7 - teams are balanced

Evaluations General FAQ's

Player evaluations is one of the most difficult tasks for any hockey association.

There is no such thing as a perfect evaluation process because different people have different views of a hockey player’s ability.

TCFIHA makes every effort to provide objective and fair evaluation process so your player has the best opportunities to develop at an appropriate level of competition and play on a team that is appropriate for her abilities and objectives.


The evaluation process for both 'A' and 'C' is similar.

Tryouts/evaluations consist of two phases. Players are ranked at the end of each phase.



  • one skills session
  • two game/scrimmage sessions
  • evaluation by 2-3 independent evaluators
  • Some players will be released at the end of Phase 1. Players moving on to Phase 2 will be notified by the Division Manager.
  • The top 20 ranked players will move to Phase 2.


  • 20 skaters.
  • two Coach sessions. This may be a combination of a practice and game, two practices, or two games.
  • Based on our Team Size Policy the Coach session will consists of players "confirmed" and "proposed" for the final roster
  • The Head Coach will evaluate the "proposed group of players and select, based on the team size, the number of proposed players for the final roster.
  • The Head Coach submits proposed roster to the Team Selection Committee for approval
  • The Division Coordinator will notify the players on the final roster


  • one “goalie only” skills session and two game/scrimmage sessions
  • evaluation by independent outside goalie instructor


  • one "goalie only" skills session
  • no game evaluation
  • evaluation by independent outside goalie instructor



The Team Selection Committee consists of members of the Board of Directors EXCLUDING any member of the Board with an athlete in the division of the team seeking approvals.


'A; Tryouts follow the above Evaluation process.

In addition the following apply to 'A' Tryouts. U11C1 is considered Pre-Rep and is included in this section.


  • Our Tier 1 teams are usually formed by the Labour Day Weekend
  • For Tier 1 & Tier 2 evaluations, each player must specify their preferred position: forward, defense or goalie.
  • U11C1 Tryouts start after Labour Day
  • Players are selected for teams based on their overall skill, not positional preference. However, their preference will be taken into consideration in the final selection decision.
  • If a player joins the association during the season prior to the cut-off date for carding and wishes to be considered for a Tier 1 team, they must apply to the TCFIHA Board of Directors, and a decision will be made on an individual basis.



  • To be considered for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 'A' team or U11C1, each player must attend all evaluation sessions.
  • If a player misses an evaluation session, the player will receive a score of zero for that session.
  • If a player is unable to attend an evaluation session(s) due to sickness or injury your Division Coordinator will review with the Team Selection Committee and the Interim Head Coach. The Team Selection Committee will decide on the individual situation.



  • The goal of our U13A1, U15A1 and U18A1 is to strive for an opportunity to compete in the BC Hockey Provincials in March. There are no Provincials for U11C1.
  • A player that is successful in their 'A' or U11C1 tryouts will have their tryout fees provided to the team as part of the team fees.
  • Additional practices or dryland are normal for 'A' or U11C1 teams, the extra training is paid for by the team fees, not the Association.



  • We believe good athletes play multiple sports. TCFIHA do not prohibit players from playing other sports during the hockey season.
  • At the 'A' level we expect that players support team success by committing to attend a majority of team practices, games, out-of-town tournaments and other team functions.
  • If a player cannot make the required time commitment, regardless of her abilities and skills, this may affect a player’s placement on a 'A' team.
  • Players may be expected to sign a letter to acknowledge and agree to the level of commitment required