Health Check

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that our Health Check is different from the one that parents complete for their children to attend school.  It is also different from the one at BC Thrive Health:

We are using the Teamsnap Health Check at this time, and parents must answer the questions presented to them by the Teamsnap Health Check if they wish their player to attend TCFIHA events/ice sessions.

There are no levels of symptoms in the Health Check questions, they are black and white.  So if a symptom is present, such as a runny nose, then you must answer, YES to that symptom question.  I understand that this symptom has been removed from the School questions, but it has not been removed from our questions.

The Health Check questions also apply to those that we are around in that it asks if the participant has been around someone with COVID or COVID like symptoms in the last 14 days.  So it is very possible that your player, who presents as healthy, could fail the Health Check and not be permitted to participate due to someone in the household, or someone that they have been around being symptomatic.


I understand that parents might have questions as to why we are not removing symptoms or why we are not following the school health check.

In a time like these, where we are amidst a pandemic and in the second wave with cases increasing every day, our main goal, as always, is the health and safety of our young athletes.  We are making decisions with all athletes' best interests in mind, and that means that if anyone has any symptoms of illness, they should not be attending the rink.

The Board of Directors, parents, and players all have to be thinking of the best interest of not only ourselves, but our peers, friends, coaches, and the entire membership.  The consequences of not doing so are far too great.

Returning to Play after Illness

What if my Player's Symptoms Return?

If your player's symptoms return, even after a negative COVID-19 test, the requirement to meet one of the above return to play criteria is in effect again.

Presenting Symptoms during a Session

If your player shows up to a session with any symptoms of illness, they will be turned away.

If your player develops any symptoms of illness during a session, they will be immediately removed and required to leave the facility.

In both the above scenarios, your player will then be required to meet one of the return to play criteria outlined above.

If at any time you are not sure what to do, please reach out to your team manager and they will guide you in the process and seek advice from the Division Coordinator or Risk Manager if needed.

I want to assure our membership that the Board of Directors is constantly looking at our Health Check and that we are currently in line with what other MHAs are doing.  I do not anticipate our Health Check symptom list being reduced any time soon, but rather it is more likely that we will be producing a more thorough and strict Health Check that we have recently seen in use by another MHA.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please seek clarification from your team manager.

If the team staff requires any assistance, please liaise with your Division Coordinator.