Referee Expectations



  1. You will complete your own availability using our online system.
  2. I will not be chasing you down to complete your availability – no availability = no games
  3. Please try to stay at least 3 weeks ahead when completing your availability.
  4. The number of games you decline will be tracked and repeated declines can affect your chances in receiving games.

Game Assignments:

  1. When you are assigned a game you must accept or decline within 24 hours or I will move onto the next person

If you are unable to do a game you must provide a legitimate reason

  1. You have School
  2. You have Hockey
  3. You are Sick
  4. Unforeseen emergencies
  5. Prior Commitments

If you decline a game because you don't want to this is not a legitimate reason.

*Note that every time you decline a game this will be noted and tracked

Game Day:

  1. You will arrive 30 minutes prior to game time (Parents please take note)
  2. If you cannot arrive 30 minutes prior you need to let me know so I can inform your partner
  3. We ask you to arrive 30 minutes prior for the following reasons:
    1. You need to meet your partner and discuss your expectations of the game, and make sure you are on the same page
    2. This provides the teams time to notify myself and Diane if no ref is at the arena yet and we can follow up (ice time is not cheap and we need to keep these games on-time)
    3. Mental Preparation is key to providing your best Officiating


  1. When you are at the arena to Ref you are NOT allowed to be in team branded clothing (IE no TCPred Track suits, Hoodiesa) You must arrive with neutral clothing. (Perception is HUGE)
  2. Ref Pants: Your Ref pants must be loose fitted (black track pants, actual Ref Pants or curling pants, snowsuit pants are fine too) You are NOT to be wearing Lulu Lemons, leggings, jeggings, Black skin tight pants. This is unprofessional and does not allow you to fit Shin Pads Under your Pants. I will be talking to you if I see these on the ice. Please remember you are representing our association on the ice.
  3. If your Blank Pants have a small white stripe on them that is fine.

Equipment: See Equipment Section on Website


  1. This season you will be evaluated on an on-going basis either informally or formally
  2. I will have designated mentor assistants that will provide informal evaluations or assistance
  3. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your evaluations please let me know
  4. Without feedback you cannot improve
  5. Reminder: The more effort you put in the more you will get out of this experience

Official Abuse:

  1. Now that you are all Officials or are becoming Officials you are held to a higher standard with your behaviour towards officials. When you are playing & watching minor games please keep this in mind.
  2. If I hear of any incidents, especially ones that involve 2min unsportsmanlike 10 min misconducts, game misconducts, gross/match penalties there may potential action taken and games will not be assigned. Pacific Coast has a suspension policy in place. If you are suspended as a player/coach you will be suspended as an Official.
  3. If you Referee games as a suspended player/coach and I find out I will no longer be giving you games for the season. The best thing to do is send me a quick email and Diane letting us know what happened and how long you are suspended for that way you have done your part.
  4. If you have been abused while officiating your game please send me an email of what happened and I will try my best to follow up with what happened. Be sure that you follow game misconduct guidelines and write up the incident officially with a game report to be sure Pacific Coast can track the incidents
  5. If you have problems with one of our association coaches on a constant basis, I will help deal with it and I will explain the steps if this were to happen. Please don't shove this under the bush as these types of issues need to be addressed.