Referee Equipment

The following Equipment is required for Officiating:

  1. Black Pants
    • Your Ref pants must be loose fitted (black track pants, actual Ref Pants or curling pants, snowsuit pants are fine too) You are NOT to be wearing Lululemons, leggings, jeggings, Black skin tight pants. This is unprofessional and does not allow you to fit Shin Pads Under your Pants. I will be talking to you if I see these on the ice. Please remember you are representing our association on the ice. If your Blank Pants have a small white stripe on them that is fine)
  2. Extra Skate Laces (Cut them up and Use to tie holes in the net)
  3. Jill/Jock
  4. Shin Pads (Soccer Shin pads are fine as well)
  5. Elbow Pads (Volley Ball knee pads work great, or old hockey elbow pads)
  6. Whistle (Preferrably Acme Thunder)
  7. Player Skates
  8. CSA Approved Black Helmet with CSA Approved Half Visor
  9. Ref Jersey: Be sure to purchase your Ref Jersey they can be found at the Hockey Shop, Cyclone Taylor (pretty much anywhere you can buy hockey equipment) It should look like this:


Note: There are no Red Bands Sewed onto the Jersey. Please only purchase this Jersey or the Jersey that has clip on Red Bands as they can be removed and hang onto the Bands for later when you move into Pee Wee/Bantam Level. (I may have some Ref Jerseys for Sale, just need to find them)

Optional Equipment:

  • Chest Pad
  • Girdle
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shin Tights

How to Stay Warm:

  • Wear Long Johns, Dry Fit Underarmour, Thick Tights
  • Wear Long Sleeve shirts, sweaters with no hood (Layer up!)
    • Note: The colour of your shirt must be Black, white, grey (NO Bright/Neon Colours and No hoods sticking out of jersey
  • Keep Skating/Moving
  • If you bring Hot Pockets these are only to be used during the breaks as your hands are not to be in your pockets during game play
  • Skin Colour Gloves are fine for (Tyke, Novice & Atom)