Coaching FAQs

Q1. Does the association pay for my certification?
Yes. The association will reimburse the Coach 2 - Coach Level, Development 1, and Respect in Sport upon completion.

For Coach 2 - Coach Level, you need to have the coaching coordinator sign-off, and for Development 1 you need to keep proof you submitted it to BC Hockey.  Keep all of your receipts.

Q2. Do assistant coaches need the full certification?

Yes. All coaches require all of the certification.  Also remember that the manager, safety rep, and any dressing room moms must also have the RIS and Criminal Record Check completed.

Q3. I want to have some other female players help coach.

It's great practice to have older players come out to help.  As well, many of the older girls are required to obtain so many hours of work experience; hockey coaching counts.  Here's the rules:
- If a player is just coming out to help, they must be in full gear, including gloves and full cage.
- If a player wants to help coach, they must be 16 years old and complete all of the normal coaching certifications for that particular level.

Q4.  Can a players brother come out on the ice with us if he's registered in BC Hockey?

Although BC hockey allows any player registered with them to be on the same ice, our TCFIHA insurance does not cover that so you cannot bring out a male player unless of course they are a rostered coach and have done the necessary designations.

Q5. We are short a few coaches, can another coach fill in or possibly a parent who has the certifications? 

Absolutely nobody other than the rostered coaches can be on the bench or interact with officials or players. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Our insurance is very specific as to who is allowed to be on the bench.
  2. Pacific Coast can suspend the coach if a non-rostered name is on the game sheet.  This means even another TCFIHA coach cannot help out.
  3. Our selection committee and executive must approve all coaches.