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Tier 1 (Rep) Team Information

The decision to enter the tier 1 team program is an important choice and should not be taken lightly.  All players (and their parents) who wish to be considered for selection to a tier one team should be aware of the TCFIHA standards for participation at this level.  A high level of commitment is expected from all tier one players with respect to attitude, attendance at games, practices, training sessions and all other team activities.

TCFIHA recognizes the value of participating in more than one sport or recreational activity.  However, for tier one players, hockey should be their highest priority recreational activity throughout the season.  Tier one teams are eligible to compete in Provincial Championships at season's end and are mostly comprised of players who have chosen to focus solely on hockey as part of their commitment to achieving as much team success as possible.  Players who participate in other recreational activities must be prepared to match that level of commitment.

Commitment to a tier one team requires:

  • Attending at least one practice every week.
  • Attending training sessions as specified by the coaching staff.  This may include power skating sessions that will require fees in addition to registration fees.
  • Attending two potential games a week (one home and one away).
  • Attending periodic exhibition games throughout the season.
  • Arriving at all games and practices at least 45 minutes before the scheduled ice time; or at a time specified by the coaching staff.
  • Attending two to three tournaments in a season.

During the season travel may be required to attend an out of town tournament and possibly the Provincial Championships.  Additional costs may be incurred for items such as bus rental, hotel accommodations, extra ice, etc.  Money is raised through direct payment by parents and/or fund raising activities.  Usually the team parents will make these decisions.

It is not sufficient to merely possess the necessary skills and abilities required to play at the tier 1 level.  Players are ambassadors for the Association and the Tri Cities communities, and as such are expected to observe a high level of conduct both on and off the ice, at home and away.  Players who have the ability, but do not demonstrate acceptable codes of conduct may not be selected, or may be subsequently released from the team.

It is the responsibility of every player attending tier 1 evaluations to ensure that they are in sufficiently good condition so that they may participate in all of the drills and scrimmages to the best of their ability.  Players should make certain that their equipment is in proper order prior to participating in the evaluation sessions.  All equipment will be examined for safety and fit prior to a player being permitted on the ice.

Rep Coaches for 2018/2019 Season

PeeWee - Samantha Soares

Bantam - Dave Whitworth

Midget - Dave van Straten

PeeWee Information

Bantam Information